Empowering, developing, and fostering growth


Susan Savage
Chief Executive Officer
Susan Mehnert-Kay 1 1
Susan Mehnert-Kay
Chief Medical Officer, Director of the Teaching Health Center and Chief of Family Medicine
Cassie Clayton 1
Cassie Clayton
Chief Nursing Officer
Sylvia Hensley 1
Sylvia Hensley
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Kisner 1 (1)
Mark Kinser
Chief Information Officer
Kevyn Bagby 0 0
Kevyn Bagby
Outreach and Education, and Board Liaison
Grace Burke 2 2
Grace Burke
Programs and Senior Services
100_0009 (3)
Dana Green
thumbnail_Michael Grunewald 1 1
Michael Grunewald
Judy Lolli 1 1
Judy Lolli
Front Office Billing
Kendall Minnix 1 1
Kendall Minnix
Facilities and Transportation
Lois Philips 2 2
Lois Phillips
Quality Assurance, Health and Information Management and Compliance Officer